There’s still time to save with our pre-season WakeUP discount — ending Feb. 28!

Feb. 24, 2018 — You can save $10 per gallon if you order and pay for WakeUP Spring or Summer by the close of business Wednesday, Feb. 28. (And we're open for business until late in the evening!)

Here’s how that benefits you:

WakeUP Summer to mobilize foliars with this offer is only $3.13 for 5 ounces per acre.
WakeUP Spring to enhance uptake of in-furrow products with this offer is only $1.88 for 3 ounces per acre.
Our regular in-season price for WakeUP is $90 per gallon. Even though our ingredient prices are rising with the rebound in the economy, we're holding at the same price from the past couple of years. (Remember when it was $155 per gallon?) Prepay through Feb. 28 is just $80 per gallon.
We’ll extend part of our special sale through March 2018: $85 per gallon, paid with order. Most of our regular clients have already ordered. But not everyone has seen this early-bird special, so we’re reminding everyone on our e-mail list and publishing this offer on our website. After the end of March, back to $90.
Regular pricing for some other popular products:
— AgriEnergy SP1 biological:  $4.75 per gallon in totes, $6.60 in jugs. At the tote price, cost is $4.75 per   acre broadcast, $2.38 in-furrow. It’s synergistic with WakeUP Spring.
— Biodyne  Environoc 401 for in-furrow: $8.56 for 16 ounces per acre.
— Biodyne  Environoc 501 for broadcast: $8.56 for 16 ounces per acre.
— Vitazyme biostimulant for in-furrow or foliar use: $5.99 for 13 ounces per acre.
Another special deal, which we can offer you only by phone or e-mail: We have a large stock of Symbiosis AGx biostimulant here at our plant near Cedar Falls, Iowa. Call Erik or Jeanene for your "personal price" on this. See the Symbiosis website for technical background (

For the first time, we have available a new seed treatment called LigniSeed, for $5.50 per acre on any crop. The Canadian developer advises us that his research shows a consistent 3 to 5 bu. yield benefit for soybeans and about 10 bu. for corn for this seed treatment. It’s a biostimulant derived from lignin. LigniSeed stimulates growth of roots and mycorrhiza. We’ve already sold several hundred acres of LigniSeed for 2018. LigniSeed can be included with other seed treatments, including biologicals. We’ve field-tested the foliar version called LigniLeaf for three seasons, finding synergism with WakeUP. See more information at the Lignition website (
See more info on Environoc 401 and 501 biologicals at ( You can also check out 20 years of research on Vitazyme at (
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